Google AdWords Negative Keywords List

Google AdWords Negative Keywords List

The use of negative keywords in AdWords is extremely important. If you're not using them yet, I advise you to read on!

Let's begin with an example:

Let's say your client is a plumber in the Toronto area. Your search terms would likely include keywords like residential plumber, local plumber or plumbing services, or simply plumber, which makes sense. 

But what if your users searched for plumber jobs, or school to learn plumbing? The keywords jobs & school paired with a variant of plumber would likely trigger your ads and wouldn't be relevant to your campaign. This is where negative keywords come in.

Google says it best: "negative keywords let you exclude search terms from your campaigns (or ad group level) and help you focus on only the keywords that matter to your customers. Better targeting can put your ad in front of interested users and increase your return on investment (ROI)."

How To Add Negative Keywords in Bulk (Using Shared Library)

In your AdWords account, you'll find a Shared Library/Negative Keyword List link in the upper right corner menu (3 vertical dots). 

In the previous AdWords interface, you'll find a Shared Library/Campaign negative keywords link in the left menu.

Once in the negative keywords list menu, give your list a name and copy/paste your list in keywords box, then save.


How To Apply Negative Keywords to Campaigns

Once you've completed the previous step, click the checkbox next to your new negative keyword list and click the "Apply to campaign" button. From here, you can choose which campaign to assign this list to.

Alternatively, you can do this in your AdWords campaign keywords tab. Click on "Negative Keywords" and select the "use negative keyword list" option.

List of 70 Negative Keywords Everyone Can Use

CAUTION: Please read over this list carefully as some keywords may block wanted clicks depending on your industry type or services.

To be used as broad match:

  • books
  • porno
  • tutorial
  • work
  • resume
  • articles
  • recruiters
  • resumes
  • craigslist
  • kijiji
  • information
  • school
  • college
  • picture
  • part time
  • hire
  • salary
  • pics
  • jobs
  • book
  • how to
  • classes
  • photos
  • reviews
  • career
  • courses
  • careers
  • youtube
  • full time


  • occupation
  • sex
  • naked
  • free
  • training
  • schools
  • intern
  • how do i
  • rating
  • textbooks
  • learn
  • pictures
  • class
  • employer
  • ebay
  • tutorials
  • porn
  • nude
  • photo
  • cheap
  • hiring
  • opinion
  • ratings
  • employers
  • info
  • recruitment
  • review
  • occupations
  • course
  • article
  • recruiter
  • torrent
  • opinions
  • torrents
  • ideas
  • job
  • university
  • employment
  • pay
  • textbook
  • salaries

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