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Should I use AdWords or Facebook Ads?

One of the top questions I get from clients who want to start a new ad campaign is whether to use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or both. Both platforms have their pros and cons. Here's a quick guide to figuring out which might work best for you.

Spy On Your Competition With These AdWords Tools

The world of AdWords advertising is a challenging place. Not only are you competing against other companies in your market bidding on the same keywords, you're also competing for your target audience's attention.  But what if... could see what your competitors are doing with their AdWords campaigns? could see how much they spend ...

Fund Your Nonprofit And Benefit From AdWords

Did you know that eligible Nonprofits can receive a 10 000 USD per month grant from Google to advertise on AdWords? That's 120 000 USD per year of free advertising money . With Google Ad Grants, you can promote your website and your mission in the paid results of Google searches. Here's how.

How to Track Offline Phone Calls as Conversions in AdWords

In AdWords, a conversion is used to track if your ads are leading to sales, leads, app downloads (or pretty much anything you can think of). But what about phone calls to your business? Imagine someone searches for your services or products on Google, clicks on your ad, ends up on your landing page and picks up their home/office phone to call yo...

Google AdWords Negative Keywords List

The use of negative keywords in AdWords is extremely important. If you're not using them yet, I advise you to read on! Let's begin with an example: Let's say your client is a plumber in the Toronto area. Your search terms would likely include keywords like  residential plumber, local plumber or plumbing services, or simply plumber,  which ma...

How Much Should You Spend On AdWords?

Finding Your Budget When I first meet a client to open a new account, they rarely know how much they should budget for their AdWords campaign. Usually, I just say "whatever you feel comfortable with", but others look for a more precise answer. After all, any small business owner will be over conscious about their money, and throwing it at AdWord...

AdWords and PPC Management Services

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Learn Google AdWords (One-on-One Training with a Certified Specialist)

You’ll receive in-office (or home)*, one on one training from a Google AdWords certified specialist. You’ll have access to 2 hours of phone support after your lesson. You’ll be granted a preferential rate for any consultation hours above and beyond. Unbeatable pricing and value for personal coaching AND AS A BONUS:  You'll receive a  FREE  landi...

AdWords Keyword Match Types Explained

Keywords in AdWords are used to control which searches trigger your ad, but there are many variations on the default match type that can be used in order to better regulate your return on investment.  Let's go over the different types: Broad Match Broad match keywords are the AdWords default and are the most "non-specific" you can get. When usin...

Top 5 Reasons to Use AdWords for Your Business

Let's start slow... what is Google AdWords? Google Adwords is Google's advertising network in which advertisers will bid on keywords that relates to their business, services or products, in order for their advertisement to appear in Google's search results, YouTube, Gmail, display network or search partners.